Multiple 2nd Sport Amounts in Registration

Here is scenario...within a scholastic year our registrations get a discount when a 2nd or 3rd sport is registered... Can we handle two different 'Starting' amounts that would translate to a 2nd sport then being $50? Example Football charges $90...and if someone works a 2nd sport that year then they get charged $50....

Now though, All other sports charge $75 for the first sport and then $50 for Subsequent Sports....

How do we handle the lone wolf, Football wanting an initial different amount...? Can the subsequent registration be set up to just know there was already a prior paid registration so therefore any subsequent registration would be $50....?

Another example: Official registers for Football and pays $90...then signs up for Volleyball as 2nd we want the system to recognize $50

or Official signs up for Volleyball and pays $75 and then registers for Football as 2nd sport so we want it to recognize $50.....?

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  • Mar 18 2020
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