Add additional fields for transportation

In order to match capabilities they had under our previous system, our schools would like to have the following fields available when entering transportation requests:

  • Bus Company
  • 2nd Pickup Time
  • Fee (with options for per hour/per mile/per trip)
  • # of Miles
  • Return Time
  • Matt Fischer
  • Jul 23 2019
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First name Matt
Last name Fischer
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Specifics for each field:

  • Bus Company - Many schools use multiple companies and need to separate info provide to each
  • 2nd Pickup Time - You have an option for drop off and pick up, but nowhere to enter when the pickup should happen
  • Fee (with options for per hour/per mile/per trip) - Transportation budgeting is a key function of any athletic director
  • # of Miles - Necessary in concert with fee field for tracking budgeting
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Organization CIAC
Category Schedule
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  • Admin
    Chase Paxman commented
    6 Jul, 2020 11:31pm

    We have updated game to include two new transportation fields - Transportation Company and Cost. At this time, these are free text fields that can be edited when adding or modifying games with transportation requests. Additionally, we have added the functionality to mass update all transportation request fields on games.

    Updates that will be coming soon:

    7/15 - Adding these fields to tournaments and other events
    7/29 - Adding these fields to our APIs and the Transportation Report

  • Matt Fischer commented
    26 Jul, 2019 03:22am

    In addition, the existing fields which show the number of busses, and the return time, are not accessible in the API.