Master Schedule: Modify Default Date Fields and Calendar

I like the change in the Master Schedule where I can now select a date range for searching. However, you should make the default dates to be the current date – i.e. today’s date – or leave them blank. Maybe add text next to user editable date ranges.

Suggestion-1: [current date] to [current date] Enter Date Range.

Suggestion-2: [mm/dd/yyyy] to [mm/dd/yyyy] Enter Date Range.

Also, when I select the calendar to enter the date range, the default dates for one umpire group is 2017, and another 2019. (My guess is it is defaulting to the oldest game in their databases.) This default date/year makes using the calendar option frustrating as I have to click thru the years to get to 2022 before I can select the desired month, day, and date range.

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  • Jun 7 2022
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As a sports official, I would like the date fields on the Master schedule to default to today's date, so that if I elect to use the calendar button I do not have to click thru previous years & months to get to the current or future dates.

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