Dropdown list for the initial “Sign In” button

I suggest a dropdown list for the initial “Sign In” button.

Current process on the new Arbiter webpage is, I select “Sign In” in the upper right corner. It then takes me to another page where I have to select “Sign In Now” for Arbiter Sports before it takes me to the familiar organization page to log in to. This is adding an unnecessary step in the log in process.

I assume you have 3 different places people can log into, but the second page is clunky. It does not auto scale. All 3 login options do not show on the webpage – e.g. I have to scroll down to see Arbiter Pay. There is too much white space, words are too big, etc. As an official, 99% of the time I am logging in to manage my schedule and not interested in the other two applications.

If you don’t use my drop down list suggestion, you should scale the page so all 3 login options are visible without scrolling.

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  • Jun 7 2022
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First name Russ
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As a sports official, I want a quicker way to log in, so that I don't have to click thru multiple pages to get to my stuff.

The log in process on the new landing page is not as user friendly for current/long time users.

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