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When using attach, it seems like though I can select to attach by team, it actually is all the games for that team, as opposed to being attached to that team. I guess that's fine, but it puts every game in the schedule and gives a position of "attached", so that makes the schedule very unwieldy. I'd like to suggest updating the attach feature so it allows attaching by team, and doesn't clutter up the schedule, that attached teams be in a separate tab.

When the attached games are listed in schedule, a new column comes up on the right that is titled "unassign". That's a confusing title, as there are only "X"s next to attached games, and they weren't assigned. I would like to suggest better nomenclature here. Also, you have to delete one game at a time. It would be nice if you could delete multiple attachments at one time, instead of having to delete them one at a time.

Though I appreciate the attach feature, it's a bit unwieldy to use, and I believe could be made a lot more functional.

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  • May 18 2022
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