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I am the payroll administrator for Bay Area Youth Soccer Club and we use the Game CSV file reports to determine referee payments. I have recently observed two problems with the reports:

1) One of our game assignments for 4/9/22 did not appear to me in Arbiter Schedule view or the Game CSV file report, but did appear to the referee and our primary assigner. This resulted in a delayed payment to the referee, and I am uncertain if there are other games missing from my reports.

2) We pay the referees different amounts depending on whether they are assigned as Center, AR, or Standby, and the Game CSV reports used to list the referees in that order so that the assignment position could be determined from the order that the referees were listed. However, lately the referees seem to be listed in random order, making it necessary to hand edit the reports to make the correct payments.

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  • Apr 26 2022
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Of these two problems, the first is the most concerning because it results in missed payments to referees, which is only corrected if and when the affected referees notify us of the problem.

The missing game was number 118014066 4/9/22 11:15 AM at Texas City Fatima Soccer Complex #TC23C.

The second problem creates additional work in determining the referee payments and increases the chance for mistakes.

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    Chase Paxman commented
    5 May 12:04am

    The first issue you listed is related to scope. Our support team should reach out soon to assist.

    On the second issue, do you have an example of a game where the positions are coming across out of order to the Games CSV report?