Official Wants To Receive A Notifications To Inform Them That Mobile App is Not Working

The Official called in and he is really frustrated because he cannot access his account in Mobile App but can access it on the browser. He is really frustrated when I told him that we're currently having an issue with the mobile app right now since that is what the Support Team told us to tell.

He wants to receive a notification via email or text every time the mobile app is not working because it's over 2 weeks from now that he is figuring out what is the reason why even though he changed the password several times it still not accepting on his end.

Actually, he is not the only Official who received this kind of error message when trying to access the mobile app. It doesn't let them sign in even though they are entering their correct credentials.

Sometimes, some Officials already called before, and then when we advised them that we were still having an issue, they will tell us that that is the same reason that the Agent they spoke to before told them. Then after that, they will suddenly make a conclusion that we are not willing to help them or we're just making some information that is not true. Because we cannot provide to them even the timeframe when it will be fixed.

  • Diane Elayza Macalinao
  • Apr 15 2022
  • New Idea
First name David
Last name French
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Organization 103158 - PVIAC-MLAX and 108525 - US Lacrosse
Category Mobile
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