Allow umpires to request to be assigned to a game (TBA assigning)

On a previous assigning system I used, I could send a message to my officials allowing them to apply to games. Then, at my discretion, I could access the available games, see who applied, and complete assigning. This helped reduce declined games and availability issues. It also allowed me to work within a single tool rather than having to bounce back and forth between the assigning tool and my email.

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  • Jul 3 2019
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After four years of use with another assigning tool, this TBA function has become second nature to many officials.

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  • jonathan steimle commented
    8 Mar, 2020 07:03pm

    currently this is not a 1 in all tool, it is however some very great feedback for arbiter production team. i suppose currently which you could do is allow officials to "self attach games" where they can put there self on a game but not as a assignment and then chose from that lists who you want to actually assign. yes it is a work-around way and not completely user friendly but it may simulate this. this is very valuable feedback however

  • Guest commented
    5 Jul, 2019 09:44pm

    I haven’t done that as of yet in Arbiter. But as of now I guess I’ll have to send an email with the dates, locations and times, and bounce between the incoming emails and arbiter to assign. 

    In the previous system I selected the games that were open then clicked “send tba “, when sent a message to officials with every game I’d selected. 

  • Admin
    Nathan Evans commented
    5 Jul, 2019 09:17pm

    Thanks for the feedback. How are you doing this now? You referenced your email, so I'd like to learn more.