Auto-transfer of funds from ArbiterPay to bank account

Auto-transfer of funds from ArbiterPay to bank account. Allow users to opt into having funds directly transfer to their bank account whenever the funds become available on ArbiterPay.

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  • Apr 5 2022
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First name Victor
Last name Ondego
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Users can choose to have funds transferred to their bank accounts automatically without any constant action on their part, and having to remember to go into the app to check whether the funds have been availed yet or not.

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    Zane Zientek commented
    6 Apr 07:20pm

    Victor, this can be done currently by setting up the auto-sweep function in your ArbiterPay account. You can set it up to transfer on a certain day of the month or when your balance reaches a certain amount. If you wanted it to auto-transfer every time you got paid, you could set that amount to something super low like $1.