Attach Official info the assignment section

While we are searching which officials are open and we see the officals name it would save a ton of time if when you click on that official their contact info pops up. Then you don't have to close it and go to contacts.

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  • Mar 14 2022
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First name Jim
Last name Linder
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Organization Wayne Trace
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    17 May 04:43pm

    what is amazing is after I assign them all the contact info pops up when I click on their name to cancel an event. I would assume it could attach to them in the assigning stage also pretty easy? save us a lot of steps to try to call or email the officials.???

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    17 May 04:41pm

    Zane, I am under the assign tab when I am seeing who is available for a contest. The officals name comes up but not his/her contact info.

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    17 May 04:39pm

    It would be so nice if when we go to assign an official that the officials contact info pops up when we click on their name like it does when we assign them. If not we have to go out of the assigning area, click on people, click on officials, find that person just to find out they are not available. In the spring that is a pain in the rear. If you guys could attach contact info in that are it would help ALL Athletic Directors.


    Jim Linder

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    16 Mar 04:22pm

    Zane. Where it would be really nice and save us AD���s a bunch of time is when I have game pulled up and I click Assign (all the officials available show up) but to email them or call them I have to get out of that part and go back into officials to find their contact info. My cell is 419 576 6672 Would love to talk to you about this. It would be so helpful.

    Thanks, for looking at my idea?


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    Zane Zientek commented
    16 Mar 04:08pm

    Jim, where specifically are you looking for your officials? In most place throughout Arbiter, clicking on the official's name in the assignment will bring up their profile and provide you with their user information.