Practice info defaults in either indiv. teams Resources or set by location

Under the Resources tab, we set each team's reffing group and game time defaults. It would be great to also be able to pre-program that team's default practice info (days, locations, times - even different locations on different days, and/or different locations at different times of the same day . . . for instance our baseball team uses the batting cage while softball is on the field, then they switch, then they use (different portions of) the field together along with soccer. These practices should then auto-load (you would select publish or not in the defaults) into the calendar, wherefrom, you can bulk-edit as needed (described in a separately posted idea), as games are added or practice info changes.

Maybe, instead of within each team's Resources info, a separate area in the Resources tab could be LOCATION-SPECIFIC (ie. "turf field" or "main gym" and you pre-assign certain teams to that location from a start to end-date, as well as pre-assign certain times for teams, which auto-populates in the calendar, wherefrom, you can individually and bulk-edit or bulk-delete as needed throughout the season).

We're desperately looking for a way to more clearly visualize how our facilities are being used (who's at what location and when) between practices and games. Obviously when a game is added you get an alert that that location is being used already by that same team (for a practice, which you'd override, then delete for the game) or by other teams who share that space (so you'd know which teams need to be displaced to a different location - or in our case, find a practice space at some other school to rent for those days).

Practices in both the "list view" and "calendar view" should be a different color to visually set-apart from games.

Currently practices in the "calendar view" look like games. ("game vs TBA") This needs to change, as it's obviously confusing.

In the fall we've got 10 team sharing 2 spaces outside and 8 teams sharing 3 spaces inside.

In the winter we've got 11+ teams sharing 3 spaces inside.

In the spring we've got 6+ teams sharing 2 spaces outside.

(thankfully the other 11+ teams we've got practice off-site throughout the year . . . we're just a 1A school, so I can imagine bigger schools face the same problems on a bigger scale, though they might have more fields and gyms to work with, who knows).

. . . all this said, if you guys can come up with an even better way to visualize facility usage across multiple teams' practices and games, feel free to throw it out there!

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  • Mar 1 2022
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Time saver, visualizer, everyone would benefit.

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