Bulk-edit practice times / locations....multi-sport practice input....calendar view clarification

1 - In the "list view" be able to bulk-edit practice information (time frame and/or practice location) and have those changes apply to all the practices you selected, even across multiple teams (Var & JV baseball, softball, etc)

2 - In the "list view" be able to bulk-delete practices. (select all that apply, use the 'action' dropdown and select 'delete'). It took me almost 3 hours to delete a season's-worth of practices for 5 teams because I wasn't able to bulk-edit their time and location or bulk-delete. Now I get to re-enter it all with the adjusted times and locations and pray it doesn't all change again.

3 - When creating a new practice, be able to select as many teams, and levels as you want these practices to apply to. For instance, our varsity and JV football teams, 2 HS soccer teams, 6 MS soccer teams - (10 teams total) practice on the same field at the same time! Our 4 MS volleyball teams practice in the same gym at the same time, as do our 4 HS volleyball teams. Winter and springs sports are similar. Having to go through this process for each individual team is unnecessarily time consuming (as are the related problems listed in points 1 and 2 above).

4 - I'll add this to a separate request under the "resources" category, but it would be nice to be able to pre-program (like how you can set game time defaults and reffing group defaults) that team's default practice info (days, locations, times - even different locations on different days, and/or different location at different times of the same day) and have it auto-load (select publish or not) into the calendar, wherefrom, you can bulk-edit as needed, when games are added or practice info changes. Maybe a separate area in the resources tab that's LOCATION-SPECIFIC (ie. "turf field" and you pre-assign certain teams to that location from a start to end-date at certain times, which auto-populates in the calendar, wherefrom, you can individually and bulk-edit or bulk-delete as needed throughout the season).

5 - in the "list view" it would be nice if practices were highlighted a different color so they stand out from games.

6 - Last but not least, in the "calendar view" practices are listed as "game vs. TBA" which looks quite confusing. Also ,having these show up as a different color from games would be nice.

  • Jemena Williams
  • Mar 1 2022
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Detailed defaults, bulk-editing, bulk-deleting and corrections in calendar view would save a lot of time. Everyone who uses the system to see how facilities are being used by different groups between practices and games would benefit.

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Organization Cedar Park Christian School - Bothell
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