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The mobile app is no longer useful to me as an official. I use to be able to see my schedule along with the officials I am working with. It use to show my over all schedule at a glance.
The monthly calendar use to show dots on day I have a match. Now nothing. What is the point of the app?

I now have to long into the web site to see the information needed.

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  • Jan 23 2022
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First name Laura
Last name Rieger
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at a glance helps to know if I can accept a match. I use to be able to see my coworkers and text them all with 1 touch.

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  • Arthur Goldberger commented
    15 Feb 01:23pm

    When will the app issues be addressed? Even entering this comment is messed up. Cannot just type in as usual. Totally useless as is. Time for me to renew but not sure I want to. No communication from you !!!!

  • Guest commented
    28 Jan 02:50pm

    whoever did the redesign on the app needs to be fired. You can’t see any of the information you need at one glance. You have to go to different screens to try to find everything.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan 10:19pm

    having the same issue. All the other feeds seems to be syncing fine; just need the games to sync on the calendar which then give us all the game I need. Anyone knows the fix?