Email notification to payors when ArbiterPay balance is running low

Many schools have asked if there is an email notification sent out when their ArbiterPay balance is running low. For some schools, they have multiple people involved in the payment process and management of their school's ArbiterPay account. They have an individual who is responsible for funding the account, and others who go in to approve or pay the officials. The individual who funds the account might not log in often enough to be able to track the account balance to know when to add more funds. It would be easier if they received an email notification when the balance reaches a certain threshold so that they know when to send more funds. An email notification that Arbiter automatically sends out would be a time saver for many payors!

  • Alexcis Howard
  • Jan 19 2022
  • Already exists
First name Alexcis
Last name Howard
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This low-balance email notification feature should be relatively customizable for the payors to best fit their needs. They could customize who the notification is sent to (based on the users set up in the ArbiterGame/ArbiterOne account), the amount threshold for when to send the email, and the ability to turn on/off the email notification.

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Organization ArbiterSports
Category Payment
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