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I'm an assignor for Long Island Soccer Referees (LISRA) 103312. I have a suggestion that would make our duties a lot easier and hope you can implement.

As a referee, I can go into Travel Limits - click on all the days (Sun-Sat) and change the travel limit on all 7 days by just hitting Apply. My suggestion is to be able to do that as an Administrator (Assignor) with Ranks. Setting up new referees and changing Ranks for existing referees: As of now, we have to click on each individual position (Boys Soccer AR1, Boys Soccer AR2, Girls Soccer AR1, Girls Soccer AR2, Soccer AR1, Soccer AR2) to set up and/or change the Rank.

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  • Dec 13 2021
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First name Marty
Last name Foeppel
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It would be so much easier and time saving if we could click on ALL the positions and set up or change the Rank with 1 Apply as what we do with Travel Limits.

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Organization LISRA 103312
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