Associating addresses with blocks

Setting "leave zip codes" under travel limits is too blunt. We need more flexibility in specifying where officials are leaving from and where they need to be.

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  • Nov 2 2021
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Currently, you can put in a different leave zip code for each day of the week and a different travel limit for each day. This is too limiting. You should be able to attach an address, or at the very least a zip code, to a block.

This would be particularly helpful with officials who are away at college for part of the year or who travel for business. The official could block, say, midnight to 6:00 AM and put in the address or zip code for where they would be that day, then they would show up as being in that city for the assigner.

Similarly, already calculates travel times between game sites on the same day. It should be able to calculate travel time to where an official needs to be later in the day. Right now, if I need to be in St. Paul at 7:00 PM, I have no idea when to set my block for. I could set it for 6:45 if I am in St. Paul for a game, but if I am in Mankato for a game I'd need to set it for like 5:00. Right now, I have no way of indicating where I need to be. If you could attach an address or a zip code to a block, it would solve that problem. And I know this is feasible because it already does that for games

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