Since referees don't have the ability to turn off assignors, maybe you could fix the app so that if we uncheck "Ready to be Assigned", that assignor disappears from our list of assignors

Empower referees to control their list of assignors by using the "Ready to Be Assigned" checkbox to control whether or not the Assignor appears in the list of available assignors. Uncheck the box and make the assignor disappear. Leave the assignor in the dropdown list where we switch assignors, but maybe put the ones who are inactive/not ready to be assigned in a different color (red/orange?)

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  • Nov 2 2021
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First name John
Last name Guild
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Referees with a long list of assignors, help limit it to those we are active with.

Needed by Not sure - just thought it was cool
Organization NISOA/NFHS
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