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We have several positions under our leagues... Rec Ball has Referee, U1, U2, and High School Boys & Girls have Referee, U1, U2 and there are others! A ton of them....I was trying to mass update one guy and somehow I change over 200 officials to the same ranking of 401. How do I fix this? Why can't I mass update multiple positions (Rec ball R, U1, U2, High School ball R, U1, U2 etc. etc. ...why won't the drop down list for rankings allow me to hold the control button down and mass update all the positions for an official and/or multiple officials?

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  • Oct 26 2021
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First name Dean
Last name Smith
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Time!!! It's going to take me 2 or 3 hours or more to update 200 officials for 3 different positions.

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Organization Spokane Basketball Officials
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