Allow blocks based on game fee

Some tournament matches and 3-person soccer matches pay a lower amount, than I wish to accept. Currently I can't set my limits to block/'filter those games, without blocking out games and leagues that I would otherwise want to work.

For example, an assistant referee on a 3-person U8 game might earn $24, while a solo referee might earn $52 for that same level and length of match. Being able to block assignments less than $30 would block the games I don't want to work, and permit assignments that are attractive.

Currently, my only other option is to take or decline games that I don't want, which is not ideal.

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  • Oct 20 2021
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First name Matt
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Why useful: Matching qualified officials with ideal assignments is the goal of this system. Allowing blocks based on additional criteria like minimum fee would keep referees happier and help assign appropriate referees to appropriate games.

Who benefits: Referees and assigners. By allowing referees to filter by game fee, we'll take more games that fit criteria, and assigners get less games turned back.

How would it work: Add a Game Fees tab to the BLOCKS submenu and allow us to put in a number (like $30/game assignment)

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Organization SCRA
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