Games CSV should have the Subsite on it

Need the ability to export Subsites, so that data can be used to import new games

  • TJ Schreyer
  • Jun 17 2019
  • Promoted to Feature
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This is useful for data transfer and easy manipulation of the games after a season is over. Many groups have extremely similar schedules season to season so they would like to export games and import them back with different dates. Currently, this is impossible because we have no useful report that includes the subsites which are required to import games. There are also assigners who have built their own site to publish schedules that need the subsites. 

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  • Jon Reidler commented
    28 Apr 08:26pm

    Chase, my ID is 111312. I just downloaded my FUTURE GAMES and looked at the Games.CSV file. I was particularly looking at game 1235540593, where I updated a cancelled meet to have a regular subsite. I don���t see the subsite in the SITE column of the CSV file.

    Or maybe this will be a feature in the future?

    THANK YOU for the update!

  • Tony Hogan commented
    15 Mar 02:43pm

    It's ABSOLUTELY INSANE that this has not been added/corrected. I asked for this YEARS ago - Arbiter seems heck-bent on adding new features instead of adding/fixing SIMPLE things. I'm an IT person and this is at worst a simple modification.

  • Anne Foster commented
    3 Feb, 2021 10:06pm

    Absolutely - softball complexes can have 12 or even 24 fields. We often need to know the specific field.