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I have a suggestion for something that can help officials. When I look at my blocks tab, I see my groups, and all are auto-selected with a check box. If I wanted to see only one group, I have to manually uncheck all the others, which can be frustrating at times, especially I bet for officials in many groups.

Is there a way to develop an "only" link that will uncheck all other groups automatically? I have seen this on other sites, for example, FlightAware (attached).

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  • Jul 16 2021
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I am currently a member of 4 associations on Arbiter, but they all operate individually and at different times of the day. If I wanted to block out just one group (let's say leaving myself just open for high school games), I would have to de-select all other groups, instead of selecting ONLY my high school group. Adding an "only" to the group makes it easier to make changes.

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