Do not allow parents to upload .HEIC documents on FamilyID -- prompt them to upload JPG, JPEG or PNG only

As a school, I have been encountering uploaded documents for our registration program that are in a .HEIC format.

My computer is unable to download and print those files, forcing the parent to have to submit their documents again in a .JPEG format for me. I've spoken to my IT Department, and there is nothing we can do that would allow me to use the .HEIC documents.

Would it be possible to block a parent's upload that is a .HEIC format and notify them it is not an acceptable format for uploading documents for our program?

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  • Jun 18 2021
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Schools are not able to open .HEIC files. As Fall sports loom, I see a huge issue with parents uploading documents that schools cannot open and having to reject the registrations and send parents back to reupload. It's counterintuitive to the notion of having online registration.

Parents should only be able to upload files that schools can open, JPG, JPEG and PNG

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Organization Port Jervis City School District
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