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  • Nathan Evans - Gmail
  • Jun 5 2019
  • New Idea
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We spoke the end of December on the phone concerning “Self Assign” which I did for the 1st time. It went rather well; a few bugs to iron out in the Default area. The umpires, when they understood it, had very positive comments in using it. It really was amazing how quickly close to 1200 games were assigned. One particular item that we went over in our conversation that I would like to emphasize again is, that when an official is in “Self Assign” selecting games, that an additional filter item be possible or added to include the Game # as is done when we make a New filter when assigning games. It would enable the umps to directly see the games they have in mind to umpire without having to use Start Date or the Site filter part. Of course, the umps must have access to the Master Schedule, as I permitted.

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