Umpire Notes Need to Be Clearly Visible in List (like it used to be)

The issue that I need resolved is that it appears as though the Notes function on umpires has now been removed (at least the easily identifiable visual note icon/edit when viewing our list of umpires). The Notes function used to show right on the line with umpire name, EM, etc. date if you look up an umpire in the database. It appears that that has now been removed and the note is only found under the "Tools"/"Notes" function on the left side. We actually use the Notes function quite a bit, as we have 1200+ guys in there. The sudden inability to see notes we've attached is a big deal, as I don't have the time to edit into each umpire's profile in order to check and see if there's a note on them. If I have something important I note on a guy, I won't remember it weeks down the line, so being able to see that clearly on the list of names without having to drill into each umpire 1-by-1 is a big deal. I'm not sure why that change was made, but really need that feature to be placed back in.

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  • May 4 2021
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The explanation I provided in he description pretty well sums it up. Time is money, and an association fo our size with thousands of officials cannot take the time to select umpires 1-by-1 in order to sweep for important notes we add on them.

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