Automatically email vouchers to BillTo's (primary contact) for a specific time period (e.g.; last week)

Provide an option for assigners to automatically send vouchers for games to the primary contact for BillTo's. This should be able to be done manually or automatically. For automatic, you should be able to set a specific date range (e.g.: last week's games) or a specific number of previous days (e.g.: 14), and set a day of the week (e.g; every Monday) or day of the month (e.g.: 1st day of each month). For manual function, set the number of previous days to create the vouchers.

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  • Apr 9 2021
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Both officials and BillTo's would benefit from this option. There would be no lost, misplaced, unreadable, etc. paper pay sheets that would need to be submitted. BillTo's would get accurate information to make timely payment to the officials without having to wait on a coach to turn in the pay sheets and then travel through the system to reach the financial department. This is especially true for tournaments and for large school districts that a large number of both middle and high schools.

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Organization Austin Chapter, TASO-Baseball
Category Payment
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