More information needs to be available when Assigning Officials on

When looking to assign an official…hovering over the officials name would bring up their contact information and classification. Additionally, it would be nice to have an area for “notes” regarding officials on this same page.

  • Angela Murphy
  • Mar 29 2021
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First name Angela
Last name Murphy
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This would save a lot of time. Right now we have to either have a 2nd screen open to bring it up the officials contact information or go out of the "assign" screen and open the "Officials" screen to find their contact information. The ONLY time we can see what classification an official has is when we add them. Multiple times I have called officials for Varsity games only to find out they are not classified to due them. ONE additional item I would like to see on the Assign page would be a "notes" section. It could be used for numerous notes like..."not availalbe 2/27", out for injury til 5/5", lm 3/2 for 5/5 game", "not reffing 2020 due to COVID", etc...

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