"Available" time/date schedule block instead of "BLOCKING" dates/times to only mark as unavailable!

Add the ability to "block" (mark) times as "AVAILABLE" or "unavailable" instead of the currently "assumed available" unless "blocked" (unavailable) system.

Currently, Arbiter ONLY permits officials to "block" times when they are NOT available. However, as the father of 2 referees, with only one soccer Assignor in Minnesota using Arbiter, this is a royal management pain! If one son is available from 2pm - 6pm on Saturday, I have to "block" from 12am to 2pm and block 6pm - midnight. It is much easier to mark him as available for the times when he actually wants to work. The current system of assuming everyone is available unless they mark themselves as "blocked" hurts the assignors who can't tell whether all 500+ referees are actually available or if they just didn't take the time to "block" themselves out.

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  • Mar 11 2021
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- Decreases the amount of entries that officials have to enter into Arbiter.

- Allows assignors to know which officials are truly "available" and want to work.

- Creates 3 categories of availability: ASSUMED available (currently not blocked); unavailable (blocked); hand raised ready to work AVAILABLE (new "available" time blocking.)

- Improves assigning efficiency by reducing the number of declines/turnbacks by referees/officials who aren't truly available.

- Reduces the workload of assignor by improving assigning accuracy.

- Reduces the workload for officials (or their parents) by reducing the number of "blocks" that they have to put in.

- GameOfficials already does this and we find it much more user friendly. When we are on vacation, we block time as unavailable. When we know we want to be scheduled for games, we mark dates/times as available. The rest of the week when we don't expect games to be scheduled or we aren't committed either way, then we leave those as unmarked, "assumed available".

HOW IT SHOULD WORK: Instead of only "blocking" dates/times to show unavailable, then permit the "blocking" of dates/time to show as AVAILABLE. It is really that simple.

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