All Officials to be able to see availability of other officials of the same association

Would be nice to see all officials availability with in the same association. I realize that most associations are 100% assigning associations but some associations only assign for a group of games and the officials are independent contractors for their remaining games. It would be nice for an official to see who is open with in the association to try and find some one to help fill a game with that official. I realize this kind of defeats the purpose of Assignors but getting officials embedded with Arbiter helps make the application more useful thus creating a dependency to use it! I currently run a report to down load all officials that are open for a date range. The script will then create web pages by month and on each day list the officials are open. Willing to share with Arbiter to show my exaample if it helps expedite the feature.

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  • Nov 2 2020
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First name Gary
Last name Mielke
Needed by Yesterday (let's go already)
Organization MAOA
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