Refund Inactivity Fees due to missing 2020 spring sports

I officiate one sport in the spring through arbiter. I had 1 game worth of fees left over from 2019 that I had intended to roll into the 2020 season because the fees to deposit 1 contest are not reasonable. Our 2020 season was cancelled and I had 0 contests this spring. I logged in today to see that I lost 3 months worth of inactivity fees because I hadn't been paid or had a transaction in 13 months. This seems like you are exploiting officials who did not have a spring season and you didn't send any clarification or warning emails. I'm sure you have it written in your terms and conditions, and I'll add this to the reason that I will only work for cash on the field in the future.

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  • Oct 20 2020
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I'm sure I'm not the only person you screwed with this policy or lack of empathy. I have contacted other officials who have been in the same situation. I'm glad officiating isn't my only income, maybe I'll use my software development skills to work for your competition, or become a competitor.

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    29 May, 2021 05:38am

    I just had that this happen to me. It's not about the $10 but rather the principle behind it. Let me be more blunt, we are being robbed!!! Simply unethical exploitation of the COVID pandemic. Very insensitive of Arbiter to not a COVID adjustment. They should have suspended this fee until things are back to normal (fall 2021?). It's a slap in the face to all officials who hold themselves to a higher standard of ethics. I agree with "This seems like you are exploiting officials ,,, and you didn't send any clarification or warning emails." . In my case, I haven't officiated since the beginning of COVID and miss both the spring and fall 2020 HS seasons and most of the spring 2021 season until I got my shots and started again May 2021.

    I will call them Tuesday after Memorial Day. If they don't get my $10 back, I going to let the officials associations, all the referees in Arbiter and Game Official and the MHSAA know about this so they can info all HS sports organizations.