Notifications only for physical expiration ORG USER

Organizational user Lisa Stemple at Wheaton Warrenville South High School would like to receive physical notifications only. Currently, there is no way to only receive these. Its' either, new registrations or registration updates. User only wants notifications for important information such as when a physical is set to expire. This helps user in indentifying which registrations they need to immediately look into instead of having to log in each day and view the filled number.

  • Mari Simpson
  • Aug 27 2020
  • New Idea
First name Mari
Last name Simpson
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Two possible ideas:

  • Maybe an area in the internal field that allows you to include specific emails for physical expirations like the Email feature.

  • Once an internal field that uses expiration type field is created/assigned to program, a row of check boxs under Contacts in that program opens up where users can be selected to receive expiration notifications.

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Category Registration (Student)
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