Standardization isn't standard

You have, what you call a standardized list for high school, which is not standard. I can only assume all states are the same, but certainly Illinois. In central Illinois at least, you have listed Springfield High, Southeast (Springfield), Lanphier (Springfield), These all three public high schools. to be consistent they should be labeled Springfield(High), Springfield(Lanphier), Springfield(Southeast). In addition you have Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield. It should be Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin). The Decatur it's the same way you have MacArthur, (Decatur) and then Decatur (Eisenhower). It should be Decatur (Eisenhower) and Decatur (MacArthur). I hope you get the idea, your standardization isn't standard.

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  • Jul 16 2020
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In most cases, you go to a city to find a school. You rarely go to a school to find a city. In the Springfield, Illinois example, and logically, you should be able to see all 4 high schools, Springfield (High), Springfield (Southeast), Springfield (Lanphier), Springfield (Sacred Heart-Griffin), not a hodgepodge. The same should be done for at least every state. I spent hours trying to conform to your so called standardization only to find it's not standard.

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