Connect to SchoolTool New Student Registration API

SchoolTool is a SIS that services schools in NY, only NY. They have more than half of the districts in the state. I’ve been speaking with them for years and they are a pleasure to work with.

Last year, they made a decision to de-prioritize their parent portal and instead build API’s and import tools to receive information from external registration systems like FamilyID. Right now, we have about 10 schools in NY exporting new student data from FamilyID and using SchoolTool’s import tool to create/commit new students to the SIS. It’s adequate, but not selling like hot cakes. We would have more, a lot more, if we used SchoolTool’s API instead of leaving it to the import tool (registrar’s are not good at csv files and imports). In fact, I believe I could sell K-12 deals (new and enrichment) to every school in NY that uses SchoolTool if we were to have this automated connection—essentially making FamilyID the front end to their database.

Will you please take a look at the API docs and let me know whether this is something we could prioritize in the next 6-9 months to pave the way for enrichment/new rooftops in this market for the 21/22 school year? I’ll keep selling the import tool, but the API will be a game changer.

  • Alison Nathan
  • May 27 2020
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