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Access notice when a school is added to Pennsylvania arbiterpay list. Or put link on our account page so we can access it prior to accepting game or place asterisk on home game site that this school is on arbiterpay when on accept/reject page prior to submitting accept/reject of game.

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  • May 13 2020
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Due to the fact that Arbiter combines all arbiterpay resulting in 1099 when we may only work a game in one school district times 11 or 12 school districts resulting in 1099, please add this option to official's accounts. Also, another notice to schools that Arbiter combines all payments could result in 1099 and how the school can use just arbiterpay and not have arbiter do 1099, resulting in this combined total would be helpful to schools that are aware that is happening. Thank you and please reply that this suggestion will be acknowledged to my email

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  • Larry Perry commented
    18 Nov, 2021 05:49pm

    As it stands now, the system is set up for the Internal Revenue Service, NOT for the officials. A computer software program change could fix this problem. Don’t lump all school districts into one 1099. That takes money out of the officials’ pockets.