iCal feed to include "new" (unaccepted) and "cancelled" game assignments as "tentative" or "cancelled"

Currently, to my knowledge the iCal feed for officials does not contain assigned but unaccepted game assignments or cancelled games. My request is for those games to be in the iCal feed with a "tentative" or "cancelled" status. (iCal VEvent Property of "STATUS:TENTATIVE" or "STATUS:CANCELLED")

Options/filters (check-boxes) could be added to the iCal feed section under ones Profile area to "publish" all events, accepted (current behavior), new/unaccepted events, canceled events, etc. if backword/existing behavior wants to be maintained.

  • Derek Diget
  • May 12 2020
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I had posted this feature request in 22-Aug-2017 under the previous Product Feedback site. The last feedback I got on 24-Aug-2017 from Nathan Evans was "We'll consider that as when we update our iCal service."

Note for games that have been accepted, they should have an iCal VEvent Property of "STATUS:CONFIRMED".

See iCaledar's RFC 5545 Section page for more info.

I made this a Needed by of "Yesterday" as this request is going on 2.75 years. :) :)

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