Evaluator slot showing games as an "Issue" if not filled.

Hello all,

Right now I have the evaluators as a slot on all games so the evaluators can manually select the games they want to go to; however, when doing this, the games will usually have an empty slot because only 10% of our games are evaluated.

I would like to see Arbiter Sports make the system so I can check off if the position is a mandatory or non-mandatory so that it will not show up as an issue if the position is not filled. The only alternative is to have the assigner manually open up the slot each time an evaluator wants to be added to the game, which isn't saving any workload.

  • Jake Morassut
  • Apr 29 2020
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This is beneficial for the assigners because it takes away the confusion of having to sift through the games to see if there is an actual issue. It also benefits the evaluators because they can self-assign themselves to any game.

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  • Scott Tomlinson commented
    4 May, 2020 07:13pm

    I agree this is an important suggestion. I do not make the observer position a default for this very reason, and know that opportunities to get observers out are missed because they are then not available for self-assign unless I manually go back and add the slot. And I only do this for a very specific reason because I do not want these games coming up as games with issues because the observer slot is unfilled.