Allow official to create/download schedule in .xls/.xlsx format as a single line per assignment

As an assignor, I can pull a schedule in single line format. As an official, I do not have this ability. As an assignor, I receive schedules from new officials to show me what level of assignments they are receiving. As an official, I am asked to do the same thing. I am unable to quickly remove game fee information and the contact information for other officials assigned to contests in the only available format I can currently download as an official.

  • Scott Tomlinson
  • Apr 24 2020
  • Promoted to Feature
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If each assignment I had or have is downloaded in a single line per assignment format, I can delete columns of data (partners, partners' contact information, games fees) before I send the schedule to an assignor or conference coordinator as proof of assignment.

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Organization Pac-12
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  • Scott Tomlinson commented
    8 Jun, 2020 08:51pm


    I'm not sure what "Promoted to Feature" means. I just logged in and I am still only able to print my schedule as an official in the previously existing .xls format.

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