Updating my google calendar more frequent?

I have attached my google calendar to be updated with my games. Is there a way to update the calendar more frequent or manual?

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  • Mar 5 2020
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First name Afshin
Last name Faridjoo
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I am hoping to get a button to update my calendar instantly. I am not sure how often it gets updated now. I believe overnight. I am hoping to get my calendar updated on demand so I can see my schedule once I pick up a game or two.

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  • Derek Diget commented
    11 May, 2020 11:53pm

    Please add a X-PUBLISHED-TTL and REFRESH-INTERVAL Property to the schedule.ics file with a value of at least PT12H or less.

    Bonus points if this value for a specific user/calendar is based on the "closest" event. Lets says there are no events in the next 7 days so the properties have a value of PT12H, but if there are events within 7 days (when things get canceled, time change, and/or crew change, etc.), then lower the value to say PT4H. If there is an event in the next 24 hours, then a PT1H would be nice.