Under “User Preferences” add an option to track “Membership Fees Paid”.

Under “User Preferences” add an option to track “Membership Fees Paid”.

Also have a reset feature to change all officials to not paid (unchecked) in mass for end of the year maintenance.

The check box would be seen only by the administrator similar to the “Active” box under STATUS when editing official. I would suggest adding box on this screen under STATUS.

The feature would interface with Paysheets, If the Membership Fees Paid BOX is not checked, and a Paysheet is created for that official, an asterisk would appear to the left of the Official’s name on the generated report which follows when the “Pay by ArbiterPay” button is pushed.


On “Pending Payments” just prior to entering the security key to pay officials, the Official Name is lasted by Last Name. The * would appear to the left of the name and would enable an administrator to see at a glance which officials had not yet paid fees.


I wonder if there is a way to have the system automatically check the “Paid Box” if the deduction for “Membership Dues” is generated for the Official in Payroll. (OK … maybe that’s a reach!)

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  • Feb 14 2020
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This feature would eliminate the most cumbersome step in the process. Comparing all the names of Officials about to be paid, with a excel list of all Officials who have already paid. This step takes a lot of time week after week. If this step were automated, I could look at the list, see the Officials with an * and make a decision if I’m going to deduct fees this pay period or wait for a later pay period.

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  • jonathan steimle commented
    8 Mar, 2020 06:55pm

    Kevin, there is a way to simulate this currently if you have a central hub for registrations or your association is apart of a super group you can create a filter under users that will pull up a lists of officials who have paid there registration dues or have not for all or a particular registration depending on how you set up the filter. you can also do this for test as well