Help - how to add/remove blocks etc

Need “Help” with simple instructions, step by step, how to remove blocks, what to do when there’s a “server error”, who to contact for quick help...

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  • Feb 13 2020
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First name Laimute
Last name Loskarn
Please add more details

It wld help everyone who might not be thoroughly familiar with the app, in a timely manner.  
After changes in schedule it wld help to have a simple msg on a screed by itself, state what was done like 3 Blocks added, 2 assignments accepted, etc.    over a month ago I added blocks, they didn’t take, & it ended up causing problems for me & assignors.  
Website is ok, it’s the mobile app. 

Needed by Yesterday (let's go already)
Organization CHRVA
Category Schedule
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  • jonathan steimle commented
    8 Mar, 2020 06:59pm

    i see, the issue with having a message or "banner" popping up showing you how to do this in app is this would not be user friendly for every user, however you can always goto the help site and search setting block or setting blocks in arbitermobile which will show you a step by step guide