Add a Feature to Email Officials with No ArbiterPay Account in ArbiterGame

Similar to the email feature in ArbiterOne for Contacts, add an email option for the ArbiterGame Payments tab for schools to select the officials (or workers) with No ArbiterPay Account and an email button to send that user an automatically generated email that gives that user instructions to register for an ArbiterPay account, as well as instructions on how they need to link their ArbiterPay account, in order to receive payment from that school. This way the schools can notify that user that they cannot pay them until they set up ArbiterPay in just a few clicks rather than having to email those users on their own which is time-consuming and may not be as effective. 

  • Alexcis Howard
  • Feb 12 2020
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Add a filtering option at the top of the ArbiterGame Payments tab to filter for officials/workers with No ArbiterPay Account, then the school can select those users and click an Email button to send that notification.  It would be great if the system could have two types of email templates to send based on the status of the AP account; email option one is sent if the user has not registered yet (based on the email address in ArbiterSports for that official/worker) or email option number two - if the user has registered but has not linked their ArbiterPay account.

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  • Guest commented
    16 Aug, 2021 02:54am

    Great idea!

  • jonathan steimle commented
    8 Mar, 2020 07:06pm

    this is actually a really great idea. it should almost work like when you add a worker that does not have arbiter pay in the workers lists it automatically generates a email to the worker and a link to sign up for arbiter pay and as soon as they finish signing up it also links there account for you. that would be great