Exporting Detailed Customizable Assignment Data is Not Possible

Exporting Detailed Customizable Assignment Data is Not Possible from Arbiter. The Outlook csv export can be customized, however it lacks most of the details available when viewing an assignment. The Schedule Report can be exported as an Excel file, however because it is formatted for printing, the data is contained on multiple rows and therefore almost useless for the end user to manipulate in programs like Excel.

Some record keeping reasons why we need this exportable detailed data include: 1. Reconciling payments such as, RefPay, checks and cash. 2. Tracking partners worked with 3. Personal historical milestones (total games, totals and percentages of games as head/chief official. 4. Notes regarding challenges at site locations. In general, a record of all things with complete data is VERY desirable.

If ALL data, including individual game data (partners, distance, group, etc.) could be exported in a single csv file, this would allow the end user to customize it in any fashion that works for them. The export should place all data for each game on a SINGLE ROW so that the end user could sort in any customized fashion they desire.

  • Hamilton Collins
  • Jan 23 2020
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Arbiter currently allows an export for "Outlook csv" which has only enough info for use in a calendar program, but isn't useful as a detailed record of assignments. The "Schedule Report," does include some of the more detailed information, but it is formatted for printing and thus useless as sortable data.  In the report format, a the details for a single game are contained on multiple rows and columns, which prints nicely, but can't be used for data manipulation.

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  • Robert Gieseler commented
    23 Mar 08:50pm

    Please add all data to a csv file as previously suggested.

    Simple Version:

    In order to support the Google calendar and Google Maps, I have written a Excel macro which uses primitive screen scraping technique to capture the data from the Arbiter website scheduled assignment and event pages. Since the data is in the Arbiter database already, the task of modifying the current EXPORT TO CSV would probably take a developer less than 4 hours to code and test. As previous IT manager, this is low hanging fruit, low risk and high reward for us users.

    Enhanced version:

    To make it backwards compatible for existing users who like the limited data, allow the user to select which (including ALL) data currently displayed on the scheduled assignment or event to be included in the CSV file. As a default data selection, have Arbiter development team initially select the current data being exported. This should take a developer a couple days as the UI would need to be modified (and/or a new page would need to be created) to support this enhanced user selection. The Simple Version is a no brainer :-)

    If developer / designer needs assistance, please feel free to reach out for an example of what is required in a CSV which then can be imported into Google calendar. The data in the calendar also will support Waze and Goggle Maps.

    For help contact Robert Gieseler

  • Guest commented
    22 Nov, 2021 08:19am

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  • Hamilton Collins commented
    17 May, 2021 12:57am

    Here I am, once again, trying to reconcile 2 sports with over 100 games worked and Arbiter hasn't updated the exporting capabilities I suggested last year. This is so simple!! Please fix it. Create an export all data with headers function. Everything that we can see in a scheduled assignment or event. One line. Nothing fancy, just raw csv data. You would enable any official or assigner to totally use the data for whatever purposes they can dream up. Please make this possible!!!

  • Anne Foster commented
    3 Feb, 2021 09:34pm

    Game reporting lacks the capability to include status, game notes and game reports. We use reports as archival information. When we purge we loose this valuable data. Need to be fixed.

  • Shannon Collins commented
    27 Feb, 2020 04:26pm

    It's good to see others are frustrated with the data export capabilities in Arbiter.  I too want to see this change immediately.  Keeping accurate records outside of Arbiter and being able to manipulate the data would be SOOO useful/helpful.  Please improve the export options.  Literally, every piece of info contained in an assignment should be exportable in a single line format.  Please consider making the improvement an priority!

  • Guest commented
    7 Feb, 2020 09:26pm

    Is this in the works yet?  It would really help to be able to export useful data that is easily customizable for my records.

  • Guest commented
    24 Jan, 2020 03:59pm

    So need this to happen.  Record keeping a reconciling all my games is painful without being able to keep a running total in a spreadsheet.  Let's get this to happen.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2020 06:29pm

    Ditto to all of these comments.  I've been struggling with Arbiter and tracking all of my payments in Excel because I can't get the data to export in an easy to use format.  Love these suggestions.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2020 05:20pm

    I work with so many partners and try to keep track of them but Arbiter doesn’t export them individually.  On the Schedule-Outlook export, all the partners are in the same cell as one piece of data which isn’t good. It would be better if the partners were contained in separate cells of the same row.  Actually, the way Hamilton Collins suggested exporting all data on a single line would really be helpful for lots of my record keeping. 

    Right now I try to copy and past from the web page, but that copies all of the hyperlinks and other stuff.  Also, when I past the web page data into Excel, some cells get merged, and other data is contained on two rows.  Very difficult to get data formatted correctly copying and pasting.  Please make an export function for all schedule data so we can customize it on our end.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2020 04:37pm

    I work many games and sometimes payments come in so late, but it's hard to match Refpay game numbers with reports because reports don't work to good in Excel.  The report is nice for printing but not good for record keeping. Please make this export possible.

  • Guest commented
    23 Jan, 2020 04:33pm

    This is a great idea.  Trying to keep track of which games are paid after a long month of games and tournaments is a nightmare with the reports on Arbiter. If we could export data and then sort it, that would be super helpful!