Allow Schools to input final scores instead of only officials

The new "Results" feature on ArbiterLive is a GREAT idea. However, it needs to be made so that schools can add the final score into the system and not just the officials. That is almost never going to happen if the officials are left to that duty.


Please consider allowing school administrators to be able to add final scores into the system!

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  • Nov 25 2019
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This is the only way scores will actually get entered.

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    4 Dec, 2019 02:47pm

    Not sure how it is around the country for sure.... But I know in PA the Home scorebook is the official book. However, I believe with BigTeams/Schedule Star (another program used in our area) Both teams can put it in and when you add it only shows up on your schedule/results page. I am ok either way I have to imagine score discrepancies are few and far between. When they have happened in my games I just call the other AD and we figure it out pretty quickly and we are on the same page.


    As long as teams communicate with each other that should not be an issue. 


    That all being said I would like to be able to add scores for both my home and away games only because I can't always rely on the other ADs on my schedule to 1. care about putting the score in or 2. even bigger we play a number of schools that do not use Arbiter and would not be able to put it in.


    I am more than willing to talk through issues with anyone from Arbiter if they are willing to have that conversation.

  • Michael Denson commented
    3 Dec, 2019 10:34pm

    This is a great idea Jeff.   I'd like to make it happen.  Do you think that schools will ever disagree on a score, and from your perspective, what would be the best way for us to handle that?

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    28 Nov, 2019 02:52am

    Officials in some sports aren't even supposed to stick around and sign the book after a game ends.