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We need the ability to go into the “Assigning Tab” and create a new search by “Day of the Week” …

I.e …  Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday and combine this will a date range.

For example … pull up all games on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

from February 14th through May 28th.


This would be similar to going into “Blocks” and blocking specific days of the week for a six month interval.

  • Kevin Daugherty
  • Nov 22 2019
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Allows Division I Coordinators (or any Coordinator) the ability to manage "Mid-Week games more efficiently. 
Create a filter for non-conference mid-week games for each month or the entire season.  Manage entire month or season from one search and determine status for that search.

Essentially we have weekend series of three or four games with the same team and then mid-week on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Many times the mid-week games have far different parameters than weekend series.

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