Self assign on app

There is no obvious way to check for games on Self Assign on the app. Please add or make more obvious

Other comments:

"We are moving away from traditional desktops for everyday use. Allow for users to self-assign games on the mobile app. That is the device that is closest to us at almost all times."

"I volunteer to ump for my kid's games as do many parents. The Arbiter web site on mobile is nearly unusable and we can't self-schedule games in the app - not any way I can find - which makes it very inconvenient to volunteer. Please let us select games and self-sign. Ideally we can select our league in our profile to limit the default list of games to those games - perhaps even by team."

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  • Oct 21 2019
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First name Nathan
Last name Grey
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Our league allows a lot of games to be self assigned

Needed by Yesterday (let's go already)
Organization Fort McMurray socc
Category Mobile