Have Game Report Total Up All Game Fees Under Bill Amount

On the Game Report have the Bill Amount total up the Game Total for that specific game: including game fees, per diem and travel so that assignors don't have to leave that page.

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  • Oct 14 2019
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First name Ashlee
Last name Lavatai
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It would be useful so that assignors and admins won't have to leave that page to see how much a specific game is going to bill out. More user friendly. Don't have to print out invoices or reports. The bill amount section is confusing to assignors due to it not being an accurate amount.

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  • jonathan steimle commented
    8 Mar, 2020 06:49pm

    The problem here is some admins put in a lower total amount as the bill amount because some admins will pay a percentage as well as the schools so assigners will bill amount the schools portion and pay the remander from add/deducts via paysheets.