Color Code the Cancelled Games Under the Before/After Column

As indicated by my pictures attached, the amount of time wasted in this process should have been discovered and noticed by Arbiter from its conception. 

When I go to assign an umpire and click on the Before/After column, a cancelled game or games are showing up with NO indication of them being cancelled. If I know of a change or cancellation with a particular umpire, this isn't a big deal. However, when I don't know the status of 240+ Umpires' schedules by heart, this becomes an issue. After I click the Before/After column, I then have to click on the Games column which then brings me to their monthly calendar. After that step, I have to click on the List View under display, find the date that I am currently assigning and use the Color Code legend to see if the game is cancelled or not.

With the amount of games we assign and the constant changing and rescheduling of times, dates and fields - this process has wasted a ridiculous amount of my time. 

I should not have to repeat these steps over and over again to see when our umpires are actually available or not. If a game they had is cancelled, that time slot should be color coded RED under the Before/After column. 

We deal with too many games and too many officials for me to guess on a daily basis and it’s even more complicated because we also use multiple Assigners. 

This should have been thought of on day 1 and I cannot be the only assigner addressing this issue.

How many quality and available umpires have we overlooked, assuming that they were already on a game, because Arbiter can’t figure out how to indicate that information to us correctly and accurately? 

Not only is this a waste of an Assigner's time but more importantly, the lack of discovering and correcting this option, literally has a financial consequence on an Umpire's ability to receive potential assignments.

Pictures below show the steps I have to take almost every spot I assign. 


You'll notice in the 3rd Picture it says this Umpire has a 2:00pm game but when you go to this Umpire's schedule page, that 2:00pm game is actually cancelled.


Thank you. 

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  • Sep 19 2019
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This would not only be useful for Assigners but should have been implemented from the early stages of Arbiter. This would save Assigners a lot of time and also be beneficial to Umpires that may have had a game or games cancelled. It makes it look like the Umpire is booked, when in reality - he/she is not. Bottom line, is that this problem is actually costing Umpires potential assignments. 

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