Your website isn't secured properly (sort of)

You are running an https version of ArbiterLive (which is good).  Unfortunately your web admin isn't redirecting the unsecured http URL ( to the secure version - therefore some links on the web / google search / my AD's powerpoint link sent me to the unsecure version. 


You are collecting some personal information (name, email, phone, password) - the type of info that definitely should be sent via https.

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  • Sep 8 2019
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First name Josh
Last name Molaver
Please add more details

Security issue - definitely should be fixed ASAP.  How many people signed up using HTTP?

Needed by Yesterday (let's go already)
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    Karen Mogridge commented
    10 Sep, 2019 07:51pm


    Thank you for reaching out! We made the necessary changes yesterday, so you should now see the redirect in place.

    Please keep the feedback coming!