Email to currently Available Referees from Available Officials List

Would Like to be able to just email officials who are available on an empty slot .

  • Tom Borkman
  • Sep 5 2019
  • New Idea
First name Tom
Last name Borkman
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Assignors  wouldn't have to move to the main list and pick the referees to email a please pick up a game email.

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Organization GLSA Illinois
Category Schedule
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  • T H commented
    11 Oct, 2019 06:37pm

    This would be extremely helpful.  We would use it to send an e-mail to all officials available for a game today or tomorrow.  No sense assigning someone to a game tomorrow...only to waste precious hours waiting for the official to decline.  Would be best to send an e-mail to all available officials.  Then, the first/best to reply accordingly gets assigned to the game.