Sort Order of Eligibility Icons

The order the eligibility icons appear is random.  We would like them the occur in a specific order so that it's easier for us to see if an official meets the minimum eligibilities.  

  • Scott Atkinson
  • Aug 29 2019
  • Planned
First name Scott
Last name Atkinson
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If they at least appeared in the order I entered them, that would be useful.  I could then enter them in the order I want.  Currently, they don't appear in any order - even officials with the exact same eligibilities, the icons appear in a different order.


We have to check eligibilities at the beginning of assigning (March).  Then for those without the eligibilities who claim they are working on them, we need to double check two weeks before the season starts to see if we need to remove anyone.


With the icons in a haphazard order, it is a slow and tedious process to check the nearly 200 officials.


This would not be a problem if all officials needed say 3, then I could just look to see if there were three.  But the officials need 2, however they could have as many as 4.  I tried to color code them to make them easier to see.  I can't make the two necessary ones the same color, because if they only have one, it is too hard to see which is the missing one.  Maybe if the icons were bigger it would help.

Organization 103928 AA Atkinson Assigning
Category Eligibility (Official/Student)
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